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Stars + Sisterhood

Stacey Katz is a practicing astrologer who appreciates the synchronicity that exists in the world around her. Her ability to analyze the patterns in the cosmos and tie them to the human experience has helped her many clients to make sense of situations they find themselves in, to problem solve in new ways, and to find new appreciation for themselves and their own personal story.

Unlike the Sun-sign astrology that most are familiar with, Stacey practices a more holistic, spiritual approach using her clients’ entire birth chart. Viewing the planets and their position in a similar way to that of the meteorologist trying to understand weather patterns, Stacey helps her clients to prepare for and better understand their own personal seasons within in a respectful, honest, open-minded way.

In addition to her work as an astrologer, Stacey is a passionate activist and feminist, currently pursuing a double-major in Sociology and Gender+Women Studies. Her studies have helped to give her a more worldly view and enhanced her ability to look at things from multiple perspectives. She is an advocate for the under-dog and a cheerleader for those who do not see their strengths. Stacey’s background also includes training in massage therapy, meditation and Qi-Gong.

Her skills as a healer, astrologer and sociologist deepen her abilities to listen with an open ear and mind, to lead with integrity, and to serve as a spiritual guide.

Currently, Stacey is the creator and host of the Starface Women’s Circle. By incorporating her feminist ideology with her astrological and spiritual knowledge, she hopes to unite and empower women, while helping them to understand the patterns and cycles that exist within their lives.


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